Q: Is there ever a moment when you forget Tatiana is this amazing actress who can play 20,000 people in half a second

Ari: I came in on the second season, so I was a fan before and I’ve been watching. I didn’t have multiple clone, if any, scenes. I just remember my first experience, it was second or third day on set and we were up at the ranch and you were coming down the stairs, you had just filmed something upstairs like Helena in bed or something like that. 

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Friend: What’s your favourite Twenty One Pilots song?
Me: Erm, probably Guns For- actually maybe Car Rad- no Trees is- Addict with a P- Holding on to- no wait Kitchen sin

*head explodes*

Some times it’s just better not to ask



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Hayley during last hope, June 25th Toronto Canada. 

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Cutest    (c)

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there’s going to be a large, diverse group of people in the world who will all stop what they are doing and get a look of nostalgia in their eyes every time they hear bad girls by m.i.a, and i think that’s beautiful

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162,103 plays Future Parmore Paramore


Can we please just take a moment to appreciate this song, even if you’re not a Paramore fan I feel as if you should listen to it, I cannot fathom this songs beauty into words. Never before have I listened to a song and had the instrumental reduce me to tears but somehow this song made me do just that. Keep listening until the end, this is where the powerful instrumental kicks in. It builds and builds, almost to a climax. Close your eyes and listen. But then it fades out. The music dies, you expect the song to have ended. Think of it in this way. The build up is thoughts going wild, everything is getting too much. You can’t take anymore. You end everything. Silence. Nothing left. Gone. You think it is all over. But then the music slowly fades back in, its not ended. It comes back from it’s depths, just like you can. You can fight your way back. If you just “Think of the Future” you will fight your way back. Never before has a few seconds of music told a greater story.